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Summer Series – 2015!!

Our 2015 Summer Series begins with our June event!

If you don’t know what our Summer Series is, it’s when we avoid the blistering daytime heat and run our events on Saturdays in the evening!

Summer events onsite registration opens at 5:00PM, closes at 6:30PM, with first car out at 7:00PM.

Online registration is open for the June and July events, register now!

Event listing:
Event Listing

2014 Awards Ceremony

As we wrap up the year, it is time to announce the date for our 2014 Season Award Ceremony, and it will be held at the Silverton Casino and Lodge, on January the 24 at 6:00 PM.
The event will include a dinner, and the costs are:
Adults $20
5 to 18 yrs $10
and Children under 5 $0.

Please See our Facebook Event and RSVP Through FB.

Or if you are not in Facebook, email Cindy Clark:

See you there!

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2014 Holiday Party!

Well folks, it’s holiday season, and this year the party will be hosted by Sue and Jack Stoddard. This will be December 6th 2014.
Address can be obtained via a private message to Sue on our forum. Visit our Forum here

See you there!

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2015 Schedule

Mark your calendars!

January 18 – LVMS Bullring (Register HERE )
February 22 – LVMS Dirt Track Paddock (Register HERE )
March 22 – LVMS Dirt Track Paddock LOCATION CHANGE (Register HERE )
April 11/12 – St George Old Municipal Airport (Register HERE )
April 26 – LVMS Midway (Register HERE )
May 10 – LVMS Midway
*June 6 – LVMS Dirt Track
*June 20 – Silverton
*July 11 – LVMS Dirt Track
*July 18 – Silverton
*August 15 – LVMS Dirt Track
*August 29 – Silverton
*September 12 – Silverton
September 27 – LVMS Midway LOCATION CHANGE
October 11 – LVMS Dirt Track
November 15 – LVMS Bullring
December 13 – LVMS Bullring

18 Planned events for next season!!!
Events marked with a “*” are part of the Summer Night Series on Saturday nights.
April event in St George is a 2 day event.
It seems like on the weekend of June 26-28th Utah and National Office might be planning a National Match Tour. Once confirmed we will add it to the official calendar.